Race, Inequality, and Policy Initiative


The Race, Inequality, and Policy Initiative (RIPI) is a multidisciplinary research initiative created to support research, teaching, and community engagement activities that enhance our understanding of and address the racial, ethnic, and gender inequities and inequalities that exist in the U.S.


The mission of RIPI is twofold. First, the initiative seeks to support faculty and students interested in U.S. policies that promote or diminish racial, ethnic and gender inequalities and inequities particularly regarding immigration, education, housing, environmental policy and crime. Second, the initiative seeks to engage students in research projects that address racial, ethnic and gender inequalities and are useful for the community at large.
RIPI supports and promotes asking questions about local and national equity issues. We believe that if we truly are committed to Pro Humanitate our activities will:

1.) Raise awareness of the faults of policies, policy actors and institutions (even our own!),
2.) Develop empathic understanding of the complex ways marginalized individuals interact within systems and institutions, and
3.) Focus on policy solutions to today’s sociopolitical problems.

RIPI’s mission is accomplished through a speaker series, a virtual library, an undergraduate research fellows program, a faculty research workshop series, and race, inequality and policy conferences.